Key Tax Dates For Your Diary:

Stay compliant and avoid penalties by keeping track of these essential Irish tax deadlines:

31st October:

This is the traditional deadline for submitting the previous year’s income tax return (Form 11) and paying any tax balance due for that year. It’s also the deadline for paying Preliminary Tax for the current tax year.

Mid-November (The Exact Date Varies Yearly):

If you file your tax return and make payments online through ROS (Revenue Online Service), you’re usually granted an extended deadline, typically mid-November

15th December:

For those paying Preliminary Tax by Direct Debit, this is the deadline for confirming or amending the amount for the following year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Irish tax residency is typically determined by the number of days you spend there. Understand how this affects your tax obligations, especially concerning worldwide income and applicable tax credits.

While both professions involve travel, the tax treatment for flight crews and seafarers can differ, particularly regarding allowable deductions and reliefs.

You likely need to file a tax return if you’re an Irish resident or have Irish-sourced income. Specific conditions apply for seafarers, especially when considering international income and treaties.

This allowance may provide significant tax relief for seafarers, but specific criteria must be met, including the number of days at sea and the nature of the employment.

Understand how unexpected disruptions due to COVID-19 could affect your tax position, especially if you’ve been unable to travel for work and meet the usual requirements for tax relief.

Your tax returns and financial records are crucial when applying for a mortgage. Ensure your tax affairs are all in order to help present yourself as a reliable borrower.

Non-residency can impact your tax liability in Ireland, especially regarding income sourced within and outside Ireland. Know the rules to avoid unexpected tax bills.

Training allowances might be taxable or exempt, depending on the circumstances. Ensure you declare this income correctly to avoid issues with the Revenue Commissioners.

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