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If you’re an Irish Seafarer working in roles like diving, marine engineering, rigging, or serving as a ship’s officer, it’s crucial to understand the Irish regulations. This applies not only to those working abroad but particularly to individuals in industries such as Oil and Gas, those working on Cruise Ships and Super-yachts, and in the Merchant Marine.

To qualify for the Seafarer Allowance, individuals must meet specific criteria, including being at sea on a voyage to or from a foreign port for a minimum of 161 days in the tax year. This provision extends to those working on vessels servicing drilling rigs, entitling them to a tax allowance of €6,350. Seeking advice from tax professionals can offer personalised insights into the application of the Seafarer Allowance to your specific situation. Additionally, we can assist you in achieving tax compliance and navigating the tax return process for property acquisition.

Irish Seafarers Tax Allowance
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Irish Seafarer Tax

If you’re an Irish individual working in the marine industry abroad, whether on a Ferry, Drill Ship, Cargo Ship, Cruise Ship, or Oil Rig, you may be eligible for a seafarer’s tax break. Our expert tax advice offers peace of mind, guiding seafarers to a clear understanding of their tax position. With unparalleled expertise and extensive experience, we stand out as leaders in the field.

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“I have been using Kevin and his team for my tax affairs since 2017. The team are always available to answer any queries and the service they provide as a whole is unparallelled in Ireland!”

Ciaran Barry, February 2024

“Since moving home to Ireland several years back Kevin and his team have looked after my Seafarer’s Tax each year in a straightforward, efficient manner. Kevin explains everything very clearly and checks my documents very thoroughly to ensure I have everything in order. I have been delighted with the service provided, which is much better than what I received when I lived abroad, and is also really good value.”

Mike Moran, Ballinskelligs, February 2024

“The best experience I had of dealing with Kevin Barry’s team at irishseafarerstax.ie was “the ease of working with Kevin and the team. The peace of mind i get from submitting documents and knowing that my affairs are properly handled is priceless. ”

Ronan Kenny, February 2024

“From the moment I stepped aboard their ship, it was clear these folks knew their starboard from their port. They delved into the depths of my financial waters with the gusto of a sailor hunting for buried treasure, leaving no hatch unturned. Their personalized service was like a gentle breeze on a calm day. They tailored their approach to fit my needs like a snugly fitted eyepatch, ensuring I sailed smoothly through the stormy seas of tax compliance.”

Jason Bryan, February 2024
“The best experience I had of dealing with Kevin Barry’s team at irishseafarerstax.ie was the peace of mind knowing that everything  would be taken care of. Very informative from the initial meeting and the recordings that are sent detailing the breakdown of days and taxes was very clear. Kevin and the team were always at hand to answer any questions, I have highly recommended Kevin to my colleagues and continue to do so. “
Kyle Cronin, February 2024
“The constant support and knowledge, especially at the beginning when starting a career at sea.!”
Darragh Keane, February 2024
“The best experience I had of dealing with Kevin Barry’s team at irishseafarerstax.ie was their clarity of information before and after my annual submission. “
Neal Roche

“Since signing up with Kevin Barry a few years ago my affairs have been handled professionally and any concerns dealt with, I would recommend the company to anybody who is struggling with their tax affairs to get in touch”.

Dermot Hickey

“Kevin and Annette have been very helpful in unravelling some of the problems I had with my Tax. They have shown their experience each step of the way and their contacts within Revenue have been invaluable.”

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“I called your office regarding information based on offshore tax advice for the Norwegian sector. I got sound good advice but Ireland needs a dedicated professional service for seafarers.”

David Matthews

”I’ll just take this opportunity to say thanks a lot for the work you have done for me, it has been excellent. I will continue to recommend your services to any offshore colleagues who reside in Ireland”

Chris Helly