What We Do:

Irish Seafarers Tax specialises in tax services tailored specifically for seafarers. We understand your unique challenges with tax obligations and offer comprehensive solutions to ensure you’re compliant and financially efficient.

About Irish Seafarers Tax
Who We Are Irish Seafarers Tax

Who We Are:

Our team consists of seasoned tax professionals and Chartered Accountants who are well-versed in the nuances of maritime tax laws. We cater exclusively to individuals in the maritime industry, from those working on commercial ships to individuals involved in offshore activities such as Ferry, Drill Ship, Cargo Ship, Cruise Ship, Oil Rig, and others.

When You Need Us:

Whether facing a new tax year, considering property investment, or dealing with changes in your professional status, we’re here to provide timely and relevant tax advice.

Why You Need Help With Seafarers Tax
Why Choose Irish Seafarers Tax

Why Choose Us:

We’re here to simplify your taxes for you. We focus on providing clear, straightforward tax advice directly relevant to your life at sea. We help you understand your tax position and assist you in planning and filing, ensuring you meet all necessary regulations without paying more than you need to.

How We Work:

We start with a short 2-minute questionnaire that assesses your situation. Then, we can arrange a Zoom meeting for a detailed interview. Our approach is personal, professional, and always geared towards maximising your financial well-being. At the end, you’ll receive a video explaining your tax position.

How We Operate

At Irish Seafarers Tax, our commitment is to make sure your financial journey is hassle-free. Reach out to us for expert guidance on navigating your taxes with confidence.

Meet The Team

Kevin Barry, Director

I think I can tell a lot about people by observing how they run their businesses and spend their money. Most people can.

• Trained as a Chartered Accountant with PWC in Dublin and Grand Cayman.
• Platinum Quickbooks Advisor, regularly hired for Domestic and International Webinars by Intuit Quickbooks in relation to the Quickbooks Ireland rollout.
• Have transitioned hundreds of businesses to online accounting with 100% success
• 20+ years using and teaching Quickbooks
• The only reason people do not successfully transition to online quickbooks is they don’t understand the massive benefits in: – tax saving – book keeper cost saving – huge increase in your accountants productivity

Annett Furniss, Accounting Technician

Annett arrived in Ireland from Germany for a summer break more than 20 years ago and liked it so much she decided to stay.

She has been an integral part of the team at Kevin Barry & Co for more than ten years.

Annett is a fully qualified Accounting Technician and a member of Accounting Technicians Ireland. Outside the office, Annett likes fast cars, photography and all the glamour that goes with that.

She climbed to Mount Everest Base Camp in 2014 and recalls the views and people up there as unforgettable.

Lisa McNamara Accounting Technician

Lisa has a distinction in Business and Secretarial studies and is currently studying part time to be an Accounting Technician with Accounting Technicians Ireland.

Outside of number crunching, Lisa has a great passion for Architecture and Design. She also has a great fondness for art and loves to paint Clifden’s local scenery. Lisa’s favourite phrase is: “A smooth Sea never made a skilled sailor.”

What We Believe In…

  • Keeping good records leads to lower taxes and an easier life

  • Every one needs to keep their records online at this stage.
  • Not to be late filing any forms.
  • That every person should continue to invest in themselves
  • No cover ups.
  • That our team members will be trained on an ongoing basis to help us all
  • Positivity
  • Exercise
  • You get your best ideas when you are off

“Kevin and staff are always very efficient and friendly when dealing with my tax affairs. I couldn’t ask for better.”


“I called your office regarding information based on offshore tax advice for the Norwegian sector. I got sound good advice but Ireland needs a dedicated professional service for seafarers”


“Very impressed with the video and presentation as everything is so clear”


“Kevin and Annette have been very helpful in unravelling some of the problems I had with my Tax. They have shown their experience each step of the way and their contacts within Revenue have been invaluable.”


” I’ll just take this opportunity to say thanks a lot for the work you have done for me, it has been excellent. I will continue to recommend your services to any offshore colleagues who reside in Ireland”


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